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The Kingdom Excel Sheet was designed to support players and GM while playing the Kingmaker campaing and raising an empire, which they have to manage, expand and defend. Even though several Excel-based solutions already exist, they lack clarity, simplicity or the possibility to adjust certain parameters to represent the individual rule sets used by GMs in my opinion. So, I decided to create a new document from scratch, which is currently still in development, but constantly grows and improves. Please note that the document is work in progress at this time and may be changed at any time without notice! 



- Manage your kingdom and cities.

- Automatic calculation of all necessary game parameters.

- Build your cities with a simple UI, showing your buildings with the original game graphics.

- Adjust many game parameters via the attached database table.

- Uses Google Drive, so you can easily share the document with your friends or edit it online. Best for!


Features to come:

- English and German translation (english language already implemented - i'm a native German speaker, so German translation will follow).

- Auto-complete for building names (Implemented!).

- Change distric border colors depending on the selected border type (grass, rocks, wall, ...) (Implemented!).

- Add graphics for district borders (as addition to the previously mentioned feature).

- Add graphics for streets.

- Rework magic item tables.

- Rework layout.

- Add random generator to generate magic items (backlog issue - will need a lot of time).

- Rework army table (Implemented!).

- Bugfixing.


View the document here (read only, no editing):

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or enter this URL into your browser:


Get a document copy to work with:

click here

or enter this URL into your browser:


User manual:

When reading this manual, I will assume that you already read (and understood) the Pathfinder Kingdom Rules and you own a Google Drive Account. If not, please first read the rules here or register to Google Drive.


The sheet is designed to be mostly self-explaining, but for the start, some context is very usefull. Most important to know:


- Yellow cells can and may be manipulated at will.

- Grey and white cells can, but should not be manipulated.

- Blue cells contain code or formulas and should not be manipulated (except you know what you're doing).



Let's assume you just took control of your new virgin kingdom, with no further buildings, improvements and an empty capital. That sounds shomehow depressing, so let's do something about it! Switch to the "Kingdom" table, scroll up to the top and add your kingom start values into the yellow cells in the table header - of course, year and month start with a value of 1 (these values will not be used for calculation by the sheet, it is just for player information about the time passed). Set your buildpoints (BP), unrest and kingdom size to the values provided by your GM. By default, it is 50 BP, 0 unrest and 1 kingdom size for the Kingmaker campaign. Also add your kingdom's alignment with according bonuses to the header. The page header provides a lot of valuable information throughout the entire campaign, for example the control-DC, the buildpoints you may expect next month (minimum, maximum and average), as well as the amount of buildpoints lost by consumption (differing in net and real consumption - net consumption is the consumption you have to use to calculate the buildpoints you will acquire. Real consumption is basicly the same, but may be negative when having a lot of farms - so, real consumption shows you the farm-based buffer your kingdom may have when expanding).


So, you established the basics of your new kingdom. Great! Now, the players have to decide, which position they will take within the government. Scroll down to the "Leadership" section. Add the player names to the post they want to take over and also add the bonus attribute mod (the mod, not the attribute value!) to the kingdom value they want to push (loyality, stability or economy). Last, set the "Absent" cell to "no", since these posts are now handeled and no penalty for empty post should be applied. Empty posts, as well as posts handled by characters which are out of office for more than a month should be set to "Absent" -> "yes", so the penalty can be calculated by the sheet.


You will see by now, that many kingdom parameters are already calculated for you. Look at the graphics to the top and to the right, which show you the amount of loyality, stability and economy points already earned - and how high the chance of failing the control-DC roll will be.


That's it about setting up your kingdom. Furthermore, we should take a look at the remaining sections of the kingdom table, which are "Edicts" and "Improvements and Buildings". Via the "Edicts" section, you can set which edicts are currently applied in the kingdom, the resulting bonus and penalty is calculated automatically. Some buildings, e.g. the cathedral, reduce the penalty for certain edicts. If at least one of these buildings exists within your kingdom, set the accordant "Reduced Penalty" cell to "yes". Beneath the "Edicts" section, you will see "Improvements and Buildings", where you can keep track of the bonuses provided by your cities and kingdom improvements. While city bonuses are provided by buildings located within the cities (which will be explained later), kingdom improvements are provided by structures on the world map, e.g. aqueducts or quarries. Just enter the amount of your improvements in the respective lines and the bonuses are added up by the sheet.


The "Improvements and Buildings" section is used for another purpose: You can keep track of current events within your kingdom, like droughts or traders from foreign cultures. Just enter a descriptional text, an end date (when the event expires) and a bonus / penalty to the section. Note, that the events must be removed by hand as soon as they expire - the end date is not used by the sheet, it's just for player information.



Your kingdom is set up, time to take care of your capital! Switch to the "City 1" Table (you may rename this table at will, Excel will rename all relations to this table automatically) and scroll up to the top. The header will show you all bonuses the city will provide to your kingdom - since there are currently no buildings yet, all bonuses will show 0 of course. First, the characters have to decide (or the GM dictates) the city's qualities. Add the city alignment, government, quality and penalty to the respective cells. Some GMs don't use these city modifiers. In that case, just leave the cells empty.


Now it's time to have a look how to construct buildings. Scroll down until you see a district view with a lot of green meadows. Noticed the yellow cells above each lot? Click on it to get a list of available buildings and select one. And that's it already! The building's image will be loaded and displayed and all kingdom- and city-related parameters, like bonuses to loyality or penalties to crime, will be calculated instantly. Of course, the BP will not be subtracted from the "Kingdom" table, which you will have to do manually - so feel free to experiment. Some buildings, like town halls or castles, take up more than 1 lot, so you have to select "town hall" or "castle" for several lots. For these large buildings, a suffix is added to the name, indicating the lot it should be used for. Buildings, which take up 2 lots, use these suffixes: L (left), R (right), U (up), D (down). Buildings with 4 lots use these suffixes: LL (lower left), LR (lower right), UL (upper left), UR (upper right).


You can also give each district an individual name, like "historic center" or "downtown", and set the distric's surroundings, e.g. water to the south and rocks to the west. Some buildings don't take up lots, since they are part of the entire district (sewer) or are part of another building (well). Scroll down below the districts section until you see a large list of buildings. Some cells of this section are marked yellow, so you may manipulate them. Add the amount of these lot-less buildings in your city to these cells, so the sheet can compute them.


Last but no least, scroll down further until you see a list for magical items. Here, you can keep track of magical items available within the city.



No kingdom will last without an army - at least not very long. Switch to the "Army" table. This one is quite self-explaining, if you are familiar with the kingdom rules, so there is not much to say here. Enter your armies and generals to the table and you are good to go!


Things you have to do manually:

- Turn order: Of course, you have to do the turn order manually (and do a lot of roleplay after all), since this is not an Excel game, its a sheet to keep track of your game!

- Add / substract buildpoints (BP): No "game logics" are within the sheet, so adding and substracting BP has to be done by the players.

- Rise / lower Unrest: The effects of unrest (penalty on all kingdom stats) are calculated by the sheet. Updating unrest has to be done by the players.

- Handling events and adding magic items: This *may* change in the future, e.g. by adding a random magic item generator, which fills up the empty magic items slots of your cities when clicking a "fill item slots" button.

- Worlmap: Hard to do a hex-map in Excel (not completely impossible though), so you have to keep track of this on paper /, i'm very sorry about that!


"Secrets" and more:

- You can add a banner to the "Kingdom" table! Go to the "Database" table, look for the "Paths" section and add a URL to a banner of your choice.

- Add some new leadership roles to your kingdom or rework the old ones! Go to the "Database" table and look for the "Leadership Roles" section. Even though most of the cells are blue, you can edit them to change the penalties without wasting the table.

- Want to change some building or improvement parameters? Go to the "Database" table and change stuff at will! Please note, that the columns "Unrest", "BP-cost", "Efficiency" and "Discount" are not used by the sheet, they are basically just implemented for my own amusement. ;-). If you wonder, "Efficiency" calculates the amount of kingdom stats gained by the building (and generated unrest substracted), divided by its BP cost. So, the higher the efficiency, the more bang you will get for the buck!


Please, feel free to use the sheet at will. If you find any bugs (you probably will) or want some special features added, leave a comment! :-)


Gras texture: Flickr (Creative Commons 2.0 Lizenz)

Building textures: Kingmaker Campaign / Ultimate Campaign


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  • #1

    Carlos (Mittwoch, 11 Dezember 2019 05:54)

    You're a fucking monster, i really apreciated that work, one of the best exccel y see in my entire life. YURE AWESOME

  • #2

    Steven Van Cauteren (Sonntag, 26 April 2020 12:11)

    Thx alot. This safes me tons of time

  • #3

    Jeremy (Sonntag, 17 Mai 2020 17:20)

    Vielen dank! I really appreciate this.

  • #4

    Jeremy (Sonntag, 17 Mai 2020 17:38)

    Upon resetting everything - no cities, no army, no prepare for a fresh start, Consumption still shows as 5 (both values) even though the kingdom has only 1 hex and no city districts (yet). According to the rules, Consumption = Size + City Districts (+/- adjustments for Edicts and Farms). There are no Edicts, no Farms, no city districts, and Consumption is 5, when according to the rules if should be only 1.

    Any suggestions?

  • #5

    Peter (Dienstag, 19 Mai 2020 16:59)

    Hi Jeremy,

    thanks for your feedback! Yes, you are right, an empty empire with a size of 1 will also have a consumption of exactly 1. Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce the issue - when resetting the sheets (set kingdom size to 1, remove all leadership data, reset edicts, remove improvements and buildings in kingdom sheet, remove all armies, remove all buildings from cities, including the city-wide buildings often overlooked because you'll have to scroll down in every city sheet), the consumption was 1.

    Since it is rather awkward to get a copy of the sheet and then have to reset it manually, I think its time to implement a ready-to-use document to share. I hope to have that done by tomorrow. Sorry for any inconveniences you may had. You'll be able to get that ready-to-use document using the "Get a document copy to work with" link.

    Also, updated the Army-Sheet, since some bugs sneaked in.

  • #6

    Tord (Montag, 09 November 2020 10:32)

    Hello. Loving the sheet, using it inn our current Kingmaker Campaign.

    I was curious as to how one would go about adding new building options.
    Wanted to try and add at least the buildings from the Ultimate Rulership.

    Is there a chance you could add those or share if there is a way to add them?
    (My main problem is not being able to access the image folder)


  • #7

    JT (Montag, 23 November 2020 18:01)

    Thanks a lot. I am playing online and this is going to be a huge huge help to get my players involved.

  • #8

    DeathGoblin (Donnerstag, 13 Mai 2021 01:58)

    I love this so much! Thank you for making this.
    There is an issue that came up when I downloaded a copy of this sheet. I got this error when I opened the downloaded copy of the sheet:

    "We found a problem with some content in 'Kingdom v1.0.0 Leer .xlsx'. Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes."

    I clicked Yes and I get this notice:

    Excel completed file level validation and repair. Some parts of this workbook may have been repaired or discarded.
    Removed Records: Formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet2.xml part
    Removed Records: Formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet3.xml part
    Removed Records: Shared formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet3.xml part
    Removed Records: Formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet4.xml part
    Removed Records: Formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet5.xml part
    Removed Records: Formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet6.xml part
    Removed Records: Formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet7.xml part
    Removed Records: Formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet8.xml part
    Removed Records: Formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet9.xml part
    Removed Records: Formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet10.xml part
    Removed Records: Formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet11.xml part
    Removed Records: Formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet12.xml part
    Removed Records: Formula from /xl/worksheets/sheet13.xml part

    Now there are various formulas that just don't work. Im running windows 10 with an updated version of excel. I guess they changed their formatting?

    There are no pictures on the city grids. That looked like a really cool feature I wish was still intact.

    The Improvements Graph doesn't appear to react to any values I put in.

    There are probably other things but I haven't spotted them yet.

  • #9

    Peter (Donnerstag, 13 Mai 2021 21:44)

    Hi Tord,

    first of all: lots of sorry for the long waiting time for an answer to your question. I actually never played using the Ultimate Rulership ruleset. Adding those rules would be realy nice, but would require a second sheet, since mixing them up with the vanilla-rules based sheet will probably create a Frankenstein neither the vanilla players, nor the Ultimate Rulership players would be happy with.

    Unfortunately, adding the building images is the hardest part, if you want to do this yourself, since you don't have writing access to the image folder. You would have to download all existing images from the path statet in the database-sheet, then upload them in your own web-accessable folder including the images from the new buildings you want to add and then replace the url in the database-sheet. Long story short: not fun to do.

    The second bad news is: thanks to the well know virus, software engineers currently do the opposite of what many other people do - we don't lose our jobs, we do lots and lots of overtime. That means, implementing the changes for Ultimate Rulership will take some time. But i will take a look!

  • #10

    Peter (Samstag, 15 Mai 2021 17:42)

    Hi DeathGoblin,

    thanks for your Feedback. The sheet was developed with focus on Google Drive usage only, so I never even tried to download it as an xlsx- or ods-file. I'm at least half sure Excel can't display web-images, at least not without any additional scripts, which of course are not added when converting the Google Drive document into an xlsx-file. There are many other issues with custom scripts and unsupported formulas. I would highly recommend to simply create a copy into your own Google Drive using the link in the description above.

  • #11

    Tord (Mittwoch, 11 August 2021 12:36)

    Hello Peter.

    Thanks the reply.

    Understandable that it can be time consuming to edit.

    Thanks for looking into it.

    And again, thanks for the original sheet.

    Kind regards

  • #12

    Lanny Dunagan (Donnerstag, 20 Januar 2022 01:59)


  • #13

    Gnome Anne (Freitag, 23 Dezember 2022 02:14)


    I have modified the sheet for my home group to incorporate a turn tracking system and a cost-benefit tab. With your permission, I’d like to share it here and on the pathfinder forum.


  • #14

    Peter (Freitag, 23 Dezember 2022 12:12)

    Hi Gnome,

    sure, you are absolutely free to do so! If you want you can also paste the forum-link here, so other players may have an easier time finding your improved version when visiting this page.
    When posting your version on the pathfinder forum, could you add a single credit-line to it, like "bases on kindgom-sheet on"? Not needed, but if you wanna gift me a lilte christmas present, than that would be awesome! ;-)

    Wish you best of fun and a prospering kindom (and a merry christmas)!

  • #15

    Gnome Anne (Freitag, 23 Dezember 2022 14:14)

    Viel danks!

    Here is the paizo thread!

  • #16

    Medrawt (Montag, 27 März 2023 11:18)

    I'm starting a Kingmaker campaign and I'm soooo glad I found your sheet!
    Thank you for the excellent work!

  • #17

    uk (Montag, 03 April 2023 20:07)